Friday, December 21, 2007

sense, recalling 'Charanam'

:I see azure blue
I get a tiny clue
of the falling in grey
water on the pallet, I pray
heavens break a jot of a drizzle
I never knew how birds whislte
A duet sung by breeze and pond
can only wish I can respond
odds be anyway
even grey is gay
I am colour
the timbre of music

:I can take heed
a soul is all i need
I can speak
a hearer is all i seek
i see the beauty
and i do the duty
I am heart
my beat rhythmic

:wondered what the evening had to show
as the breeze eased past kissing my brow
and brings me that sharp note
plucking nerves left remote
can't say it was bright
for all i see is the night
wet, now, is my tear pit
for it sounds like I've seen it
be it aught
blurs me not
I am word
set the lyric

[ A lil one, an entry to a 60 secs short film contest at the Ability-Fest '07 conducted by the Ability Foundation, Chennai. The theme was "celebrating diversity", primarily looking at diversity in terms of ability. We couldn't make it to the final screening, nevertheless one of the better things we did las sem. Should prolly dedicate a post to thank all, if i can do it on this blog. ]

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The beginning of the end

Its flat with flattering illusions. My story, a plot built two dimensionally. The leads of the story are Man and Time. Woman, a deserving lead, was relegated, as a law, never made, existed. A flaw, in disguise. So, this stuff, never really distaff. I am called The Mankind. And, my story - "The Male Chauvinism".

The innumerable amateur livers of the delusively glorious society are the terrific authors of my story. The story was equally terrifying at a time. It was when there were almost nothing called rights to that sector, wrongs were called the rights and fools made the rules. But, gradually, by natures law, after years and years which saw living practised, they learnt the art, the simplest one. Nevertheless, amateurs still exist.

2007 A.D and in circulation is a magical drug which claims that one would give birth to a male child on consumption after conception. Less ironically, people also seem to be getting carried away by the claims of the “doctor” and more deplorably, a professor I know, went for it. No social evil is as bad as the bad.

Audacious should I say, those who were just normal to go off path of an abnormal social club. I should, may be, because I should see it the other way round. Thanks for the twist in my tale. Nevertheless, amateurs are restless and being perfect is at some distance.

Traveling distances that way is boring. One would say "bus!". Hyderabad to Goa.
I am as bad at times that id listen to conversations which don't have me involved. I was traveling alone with everyone in the bus. Two young women, each one new to the other and to me, reserved those seats which were special as were meant for ladies. Their conversation built up so well that even Chacha Chowdary couldn't tie me up. "Wait a bit old man! Two young women there!". Both Goans and working in hyderabad. One a techie in siemens and one in- "thaili"- the conductor interrupts. Seems like a call center. After talking about the regular shit and usual crap relating their jobs, in short one had a benign boss and the other a crooked HR, they moved on to talk about lifestyles- dress, consumption, entertainment and they live alone. Acculturation evident as the traffic-jams dint get them frustrated, road accidents dint see them frightened, security checks not a big issue and they neither slept nor ate- can call them hyderbadis. But there was one thing which had them uneasy. Those who were adequately expressive, as their lines of work necessitates, seemed lethologica struck suddenly, as they talked on it. And its absolutely disheartening that the problem was so obvious that each one knew what the other said silently or rather was not willing to say.. i knew it too..
My friends tell me, they don't like public transport,etc. And some of them are still freedom fighters at home.

Hopefully, the story is quickly approaching its end and certainly the last lines would read, "Long live humankind. The end of the male chauvinism".

Friday, August 31, 2007

like a diamond in the sky

not for the briefest of moments it seems to be still.. sad.. glad.. wish.. will.. i see the seasons into which each second, that lasted for eternity, was divided.. wonder if its just a spec in a universe of human thought.. and yet those breezy runs called lives.. wonder how brief they were..

I went up to Him, up above the world, so high, and questioned.. "why art Thou so confused?".. He smiled as if he wasn't... moved on.. stopped...looked back.. and said.. "you are still alive my little friend.. and I cant kill you now.. "

Charanam.. enchanting,Thy verse

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


ఆరవయ్యి ఏళ్లు వెనక్కి తిప్పగలిగితే??
(if u can turn back those 60 years of time??)

How similar and how different you want the happenings to be from then on??

Bhopal gas tragedy... white revolution.. Gujarat quakes.. Pokhran tests.. Ayodhya.. China war.. world cup 1983.... green revolution.. emergency.. tsunami... Kargil war.. world cup 2007.. economic liberalization.. bombay riots.. .. assassinations.. software revolution.. the partition.. .. .. ..

You liked the song sung by time??
What if you were to write the saahithyam for the desha raagam??

జన காண ಮನ.... ♪

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Powerful Madia

Saturday.. holiday.. bored.. what to do?? how about fm radio?? o yea..

<))) hi hello people.. this is PEEya ur GJ (genuine Jockey) for tonights show freedumb clinic's 'Saala'brity only on Radio Pity 99.9 fm .. watte watte watte what a pun.. Radio Pity watte pun.. just switch-off maadi!!. Todays saala(1 tiktik 2 tiktik)brity is Mr.9 who came down to B'lore for an internship kinda thing. We'll hv a chat right after this break. brb. Keep listenin to Radio Pity 99.9 fm .. watte watte watte what a pun.. Radio Pity watte pun.. just switch-off maadi!!

girl: hey.. 12:30.. gottu go.. boy: hey.. the police arent around.. the pub isnt closing yet.. n we jus into the third round.. whats the hurry?? girl: a personal girly thing.. is ter a need to mention?? boy: yep.. girl: i need to bla bla bla.. aakaashvaani: such problems ?? don worry.. we have a permanent solution.. call .######.. freedumb clinic!! .. ...... ... ...
bla.. bla... blaa......

we r bak on saalabrity.. Mr.9 , as u knw.. we hv a rapidfire round.. the q's may depend on ur answers,barring the first one ofcorse.. here we go..
GJ: u ready? 9: no.. GJ:?? 9: all andhrites r not reddys.. GJ: nut.. forget.. engg is all about?? 9: report writing.. btw.. im only 1/2 an engr now.. GJ: if not an engineer??

9: doctor.. GJ: if not a doctor?? 9: lifes waste.. btw. IM FROM AP,INDIA GJ: wat do u see after.. ? 9: a good job in my field obly.. apart from tht.. wanna coach a schools krikeet team.. a photographer.. wanna make 'a' film's'.. .. wanna direct plays.. wanna be working, honrly, for doordarshan and AIR.. and other lil things lik krikeet commentary and.. wanna be a wedding planner for two weddings, one Hindu n one Christian,marriages i mean.. not bride n bridegroom, one shud be of somone who is quite close to me.. and the other of a stranger and wud also like to be a fashion designer for one of those and .. and.. and.. and..
GJ: dude.. u r frm AP,INDIA.. 9: oops.. sry.. watelse then.. a 'saaf'tware professional.. 9 hours of work each day including lunch hour.. a bank-a/c-filling package.. weekends off to dirty discos and pathetic parties.. 'cool-ie' GJ: India/Outdia?? 9: outdia.. GJ: India's strenth..? 9: more than 60% of popu below 28.. figures may be incorrect but r somewer near to exact... GJ: weakness??
9: ditto GJ: most wasted resource?? 9: youth.. either on jobs or joblessness.. GJ: define joblessness..
9: (10 secs lapse..) to ask for, to think for and to listen to the definition of joblessness defines joblessness.. GJ: k.. here comes a song for u people out there..

ahh crapp.. the same asskicking remix.. or preethi/prema/kaadal/pyaar/love/bakwaas.. how abt 90.0.. <))) GJ: ms. mandhamathi.. from 'Paagal'halli.. u may win ur tickets for mungaaru male.. if i get a witty answer for this.. most heard thing on fm radio?? ms.m: noise.. <)))X 96.9.. <))))Q: radio-activity is??
A: dangerous- if u r in Japan.. weapon- if u r in US..fundsless- if its AIR.. senseless- if its an fm-r .. <)))X 99.9.. <))) freedumb!!! aazaadi.. beeeeep ki.. <)))X

thu radio.. lemme pick up the newspaper...

'Bad Times',daily
page 3

"the project is in the 'PIPE'lines"
June 31st(?!?!),B'lore...
Mr.9 is in town. But he always ran away from the media. One of a reliable source from among his freinds.. informed BT( note: donot take it as B'lore Times.. ) that he would grace the friday night party thrown by GE.. BT rightly caught up with him for a chat.. in the.. hmew.. hmew.. toilet. He cant runaway for sometime aleast. When asked about the status of his project.. he says.. 'Unzipped' a very important file right now.. wud try and get as much 'data' as i can from it(?!?! ).When asked about the KEY words.. he said.. .. 'open' 'source' 'conent'(?!?! ). Meanwhile BT noticed that his innerwear had no tags... may be due to lack of sponz.... we made it public! ab yeh andar ka maamla nahin hain..

yes.. media is powerful.. son!! fetch me that medical kit please.. btw dint they show something else in lageraho munnabhai.. and dint the newspapers play a key role in the Indian freedom struggle.. why wud i want to know about Bips' hips and lips.. cant deny the fact that they are doing a respectful job in a wonderful way.. but they r littering their own field.. anyways.. no one compels me to them, thankfully.. n hey.. guess tht engg. guy had to say something..

<)) chisshh .. chisssh.. aakashavaani visakhapatnam kendram .. meeru vintunnadi Madhuragaanam..
thadupari paata.. Akkineni Nageswara Rao gaaru natinchina.. Bapu- Ramanala "Andaala Raamudu" chitram nundi.. gaanam: Ramakrishna..

"edhagadaaniki endukura thondara.. edhuta bathukantha chindara vandhara.."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

pur(d<->)vah nahin

the recent controversial remarks by one of the strong contestants to be the first citizen of this secular and the largest democratic state, just reminded me of what i saw wen i was traveling back home from Goa.. was in one of those Lalloo's magic boxes.. it was as hot that the water bottles were steaming for carrying them with us.. and were steaming on our faces as we opened them was damm hot and the box was jam-packed... and yet we, me n frens, were enjoying as it has nothing to do with all these..

i couldn't look out to see which place it was, but then came to know it was Londa.. two ladies were screaming in a language i failed to understand, also may be because of the slang or may be because they were taking quick breaths as they came down running... but then we understood that a frens package was badly placed and was obstructing the movement of our co-passengers.. we quickly moved it to see them silent.. the women were in burqas..

sound of bells which seemed more pleasant than that made by my school bell, was the sound of dozens of bangles.. a tone which struck optimum frequencies very much like the train's whistle.. and eyes were more brilliant than a brilliantly made false diamond, a pair of best carved ones i've ever seen.. and an extravagantly made hand bag as if it was made to beat all of the above, but how can extravagance beat elegance??... these are all that i could notice about that girl, in burqa, who delicately pushed through the crowd to find herself little place to settle down... i guess shes the daughter of one of those two women, who cursed only the weather, after us, for causing a lot of discomfort...

though was pretending to be busy with my frens and those games within us.. i managed to keep observing everyone around, specially the special one.. i could see only her eyes, for she should see the rest of the world, and they were thankfully expressive that i could make out what she felt, at least i felt so.. they dint glitter all the while,but they did sometimes like when she was with those children around, and seemed like she wasn't comfortable with the curtains over her.. suddenly onto her feet.. the women were angrily saying "nahin", if i could get them right.. the girl just said "purvah nahin"... off went the burqa..the women kept watching, their lower jaws lowered..

well ordered teeth as if they were taking some military training.. lips short in length but too high on wavelength of the color they reflected.. a chin which would tempt one to plead her a lot.. nose, knows no bend... brow, quarter of an a4-size white sheet.. and hair as silky and dark as her burqa was.. this beautiful, i expected her to be as the act of breaking bonds, of the burqa, was in progress.. she wasn't so, instead the deed made her look even more beautiful, the beauty of being bold..
she dint give me much trouble as the observing feet, stealing looks?!, was only till we reached Dharwar, where they left..

but then thoughts kept running, along with the train.. isnt the world dispossessed of many beautiful things, just because we are very possessive.. and as a result the thing is deprived of the whole world.. protection, seclusion, prevention all seemed senseless when compared to freedom, to me.. there are thousand and one better relations that can be made...

she just said... "purvah nahin"



Sunday, May 6, 2007


the world is at its evening..
needs some 'even'ing..

Saturday, April 14, 2007

'nick'ed it.. held at the '9'th slip!!

"y r u '9'???"

every third person: ur lucky no.??
plain thinkers: ur bday on 9th??(and other such q's)
fgot who: planned sumtin for 2k9??
bachi: ur height..??
shakee: ur crush's lucky no. or the no. of crushes u have or may be she... ..!!????
kush kar: ur dream gpa??
octavia: ur A.I.R??
hacta gatee: mathmatical magic??
rupee: y not 10 or 8??
an old fren(also a fren who is old): according to Indian sculptures it corresponds to lord Brahma...!!
arghh : to b placed high wen arranged in alpbtcal order?? (then i wud vry well go for 1 or sum other char.. )

and and and...

well.. wat if i say.."jus lik tht!!!" .. :P

but u may try this.. sometimes u may end up knowin wat pple think of u or how they usually think.. !!

damm: seen tht mr.9? all our 9 coins on board.. boku!!
vandith: 9.. u wud get bday bumps atleast 9 times a sem!!
ringo: thu u!! nick on dc also 9!! !@#$ wid 9..
nitin: asalu 9!!(kind of callin sumone phodu bla bla..)

alls fine.. wid 9..

(jus came across it.. cos of punch.. and thot i'd add this today.. i mean 21st of april..

Douglas Adams was asked many times during his career why he chose the number forty-two. Many theories were proposed, but he rejected them all. On November 3, 1993, he gave an answer on

The answer to this is very simple. It was a joke. It had to be a number, an ordinary, smallish number, and I chose that one. Binary representations, base thirteen, Tibetan monks are all complete nonsense. I sat at my desk, stared into the garden and thought '42 will do.' I typed it out. End of story.
--->According to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, researchers from a pan-dimensional, hyper-intelligent race of beings constructed the second greatest computer in all of time and space, Deep Thought, to calculate the Ultimate Answer to the Great Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. After seven and a half million years of pondering the question, Deep Thought provides the answer: "forty-two." The Answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe and Everything is a fictional solution in Douglas Adams's series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. )

Saturday, March 24, 2007

andharu mahaanubhaavule.. andhariki vandhanamulu..

around 16 years passed by.. probly the first meaningful sound i made, other than those i made while weeping,sneezing or farting was
as sweet as it cud be.. "amma".. gottu confirm it with amma though..

since then this has been my support to build a rapport with the environment.. i saw, explored ,recognized , discovered, understood, and misunderstood the world through it.. but in the way.. i cudnot..**did not** explore the way, that led me to the center stage, as much as it can be mentioned..

the wake up call.. prayers to God.. mom's berating.. dad's wishes.. frens gossips.. playtime screams.. hunger shouts.. n bedtime stories.. all had one thing in common.. the toungue.. the Mother..

its the shape my feelings took... and the way my expressions expressed themselves..

She showd Her love to me.. i just got it widout deliberately learning it.. and in turn i shud do the same.. by deliberately learning or teaching more of it.. if not i shud atleast respect Her.. for She is my Mother..

i promise U Mother.. i would be Ur son.. and wud save Ur breath in the intense smoke of globalisation..

(shud ter be any reason to scribble sumtin?? -->
none of us understood wat the host talked today,at our regional cul-fest, as he spoke wholly in our mother toungue.. and the poor chap was 'boo'd off... isnt it stupid..

as part of our exercises to put some time off the clock, we were listening to the songs from sirivenella and swatikiranam for the nth time in ringo's room today.. and seeing nutty passing by.. i wondered wat wud be my answer if he comes to me and asks me wat the song meant.. the most appropriate answer i cud possibly give wud be "i dont know..".. and if someone who knows the language asks me the same.. i wud say "lite teesko.."... abject surrender..

mr.a was thot only swear words of my language by mr.b

it was Ugadi,the telugu new year day, wen i scribbled this.. :D)

Sunday, March 4, 2007

when i dreamt the the reality..

when baba n bablee r banging the boxes off the floor at this hour of the day.. and my bed is tappin its feet to the rock cracking rock..
and shaking my ass off it..
i wish i had the patience to listen to the nonsense.. or the license to demand silence..

but i do something which im very good at..
ask the leisure to sit with me.. and the work at hand,hope to c it later..
cos i dont have time.. my clock isnt working..

i think at leisure.. i think deep..
no more pressure.. i fall asleep..

i quickly jump into a dream to get away frm the rash reality..
the curtains open up.. welcome to the dream world..
i c myself sleeping real peaceful.. and then i slowly slide into a dream...
and again.. the curtains up.. welcome to the dream world..
this time i dont c myself sleeping.. cos i sometimes do something other than this too...

i c myself swimming across a silent sea, the sea of silence..
clouds din move.. as the breeze wasnt blowing..
noise supposdly drowned in te sea..
the sea n the sea is all i cud see..

it isnt earth.. it was silent..and not violent..
though im crowned with silence here..
but if im drowned??!!i fear..

how far is the shore..
as much as i am from it...
so i guess it isnt far now.. as im on it..
an island..
i wishd i shared the moments wid baba n bablee..
but im happy they arent here...
everything around at thy service ..i told myslelf
selflessly giving everthing i found, to whom i talked to...

it isnt earth.. it is silent ..and not violent..
though im alone and in peace here..
but if anyone sees this place??!!i fear..

this wud be under my dominion, i sighed to the heavens..
im not gonna share the shore..
ter i see some movement.. in the unmoved oceans..
"dont dare to come hither" i screamed..
the sea of silence broke into ripples..
as the man came onto the shore.. i ran down to him..
"leave the place" was my command..
a huge smile on spottin me.. was his way to respond..
widout a thot.. i got down to the war..

it isnt silent.. ter is violence.. its another earth now..
i thot tht was the way to my destination..
but thts the way away frm it!!i fear..


all of a sudden im down to earth..

the alarm jumps on me.. i wake up to c baba awake..

bablee knocks my door.. to c me awake.. this time not in dream..

my least busy schedule always gives me time to interpret my dreams..
and i wonder..
how people lik me ruined the serenity..
n im not alone in the race to be alone..
and to gain nothin..
fightin wars to find peace..
unhealthy competitions in way to all healthy causes..
arent we caught in chaos..

vandith says "world is a group of frens..
n so is the best place to live in.. "
how wud i njoy a cric match widout bablee n who wud teach me basketball lik how baba does..
its jus the way i c it..

save the spirit of sharing.. cos someday i may be in need.. or may be u..

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

He sees everything for me.. I see him through everything..
He listens to the silence.. that is when I talk..
He talks his mind out.. I hide something in the heart..
He cant feel me.. I sum up his feelings..
He tries to make me happy.. I pretend I'm not..
He is the way world sees him.. I am the way he sees himself..
He is me.. I am mine..
He is ravi .. I am nine..