Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear 10

You drive me crazy
You cut me loose
You sweep me off my feet
Never let me choose

[..just unbelievably glorious stuff from the little master.. ]

I have a conscience,
I’ve learnt some science,
And theory of probability too,
In the time you let me to.
Yet I staunchly believe,
In an Almighty soul.
Who else, dear Ten,
You never let me choose.

[..like a rampaging river.. unnnstoppable.. Wooh! That's a wookie-pookie! ]

I neither know you much,
Nor owe you as such,
On personal fronts,
Or material grounds,
But, quite often, dear Ten,
May be moronic, and ironic,
That out of all, to me,
Ten comes before 9.

[Crowd roaring .. "Sacheeen.. Sachin..".. (3 claps).. ]

Coz you just drive me crazy
Cut me loose
Sweep me off my feet
And never let me choose

[..I run out of superlatives now.. can just say I feel absolutely privileged to be watching this.. ]