Friday, March 21, 2008

Ek nazaria

The fourth co-ordinate is barely a concern to many at university level. Myriad minutes of madness. A, late and after, teen story of umpteen jaw dropping moments, but most, only to yawn. What cannot be done and what is done slimly differ, which is strangely strange enough, both being nothing. A positive, if not the only one, is the dazzling genius shown to find most astonishing ways to kill time. Prompts the presence of potential?

If I can feed an aim to one of my pastimes, what am I waiting for?Let the nation see lesser sorrow on the morrow only by you and me doing a little better. Let me live here like i would live long.... when my last second here breaks to nought, my vision would not.... as my spirit would live..... as an ignited mind!

Small aim is crime.. and less is the time..