Saturday, November 10, 2007

The beginning of the end

Its flat with flattering illusions. My story, a plot built two dimensionally. The leads of the story are Man and Time. Woman, a deserving lead, was relegated, as a law, never made, existed. A flaw, in disguise. So, this stuff, never really distaff. I am called The Mankind. And, my story - "The Male Chauvinism".

The innumerable amateur livers of the delusively glorious society are the terrific authors of my story. The story was equally terrifying at a time. It was when there were almost nothing called rights to that sector, wrongs were called the rights and fools made the rules. But, gradually, by natures law, after years and years which saw living practised, they learnt the art, the simplest one. Nevertheless, amateurs still exist.

2007 A.D and in circulation is a magical drug which claims that one would give birth to a male child on consumption after conception. Less ironically, people also seem to be getting carried away by the claims of the “doctor” and more deplorably, a professor I know, went for it. No social evil is as bad as the bad.

Audacious should I say, those who were just normal to go off path of an abnormal social club. I should, may be, because I should see it the other way round. Thanks for the twist in my tale. Nevertheless, amateurs are restless and being perfect is at some distance.

Traveling distances that way is boring. One would say "bus!". Hyderabad to Goa.
I am as bad at times that id listen to conversations which don't have me involved. I was traveling alone with everyone in the bus. Two young women, each one new to the other and to me, reserved those seats which were special as were meant for ladies. Their conversation built up so well that even Chacha Chowdary couldn't tie me up. "Wait a bit old man! Two young women there!". Both Goans and working in hyderabad. One a techie in siemens and one in- "thaili"- the conductor interrupts. Seems like a call center. After talking about the regular shit and usual crap relating their jobs, in short one had a benign boss and the other a crooked HR, they moved on to talk about lifestyles- dress, consumption, entertainment and they live alone. Acculturation evident as the traffic-jams dint get them frustrated, road accidents dint see them frightened, security checks not a big issue and they neither slept nor ate- can call them hyderbadis. But there was one thing which had them uneasy. Those who were adequately expressive, as their lines of work necessitates, seemed lethologica struck suddenly, as they talked on it. And its absolutely disheartening that the problem was so obvious that each one knew what the other said silently or rather was not willing to say.. i knew it too..
My friends tell me, they don't like public transport,etc. And some of them are still freedom fighters at home.

Hopefully, the story is quickly approaching its end and certainly the last lines would read, "Long live humankind. The end of the male chauvinism".