Friday, December 21, 2007

sense, recalling 'Charanam'

:I see azure blue
I get a tiny clue
of the falling in grey
water on the pallet, I pray
heavens break a jot of a drizzle
I never knew how birds whislte
A duet sung by breeze and pond
can only wish I can respond
odds be anyway
even grey is gay
I am colour
the timbre of music

:I can take heed
a soul is all i need
I can speak
a hearer is all i seek
i see the beauty
and i do the duty
I am heart
my beat rhythmic

:wondered what the evening had to show
as the breeze eased past kissing my brow
and brings me that sharp note
plucking nerves left remote
can't say it was bright
for all i see is the night
wet, now, is my tear pit
for it sounds like I've seen it
be it aught
blurs me not
I am word
set the lyric

[ A lil one, an entry to a 60 secs short film contest at the Ability-Fest '07 conducted by the Ability Foundation, Chennai. The theme was "celebrating diversity", primarily looking at diversity in terms of ability. We couldn't make it to the final screening, nevertheless one of the better things we did las sem. Should prolly dedicate a post to thank all, if i can do it on this blog. ]


Rini said...

........That left me speechles.. Its too good.. the poem is jus fantastic and I have no words for the video. Lol coming to think of it am not speechless anymore just a rush of thoughts have been left in my mind after reading and seeing that :)

Keep in up cloudnine.. U can be on cloudnine now its a job well done :)

punchagan said...


सु said...

good work!!!