Friday, August 31, 2007

like a diamond in the sky

not for the briefest of moments it seems to be still.. sad.. glad.. wish.. will.. i see the seasons into which each second, that lasted for eternity, was divided.. wonder if its just a spec in a universe of human thought.. and yet those breezy runs called lives.. wonder how brief they were..

I went up to Him, up above the world, so high, and questioned.. "why art Thou so confused?".. He smiled as if he wasn't... moved on.. stopped...looked back.. and said.. "you are still alive my little friend.. and I cant kill you now.. "

Charanam.. enchanting,Thy verse

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


ఆరవయ్యి ఏళ్లు వెనక్కి తిప్పగలిగితే??
(if u can turn back those 60 years of time??)

How similar and how different you want the happenings to be from then on??

Bhopal gas tragedy... white revolution.. Gujarat quakes.. Pokhran tests.. Ayodhya.. China war.. world cup 1983.... green revolution.. emergency.. tsunami... Kargil war.. world cup 2007.. economic liberalization.. bombay riots.. .. assassinations.. software revolution.. the partition.. .. .. ..

You liked the song sung by time??
What if you were to write the saahithyam for the desha raagam??

జన காண ಮನ.... ♪