Thursday, June 21, 2007

pur(d<->)vah nahin

the recent controversial remarks by one of the strong contestants to be the first citizen of this secular and the largest democratic state, just reminded me of what i saw wen i was traveling back home from Goa.. was in one of those Lalloo's magic boxes.. it was as hot that the water bottles were steaming for carrying them with us.. and were steaming on our faces as we opened them was damm hot and the box was jam-packed... and yet we, me n frens, were enjoying as it has nothing to do with all these..

i couldn't look out to see which place it was, but then came to know it was Londa.. two ladies were screaming in a language i failed to understand, also may be because of the slang or may be because they were taking quick breaths as they came down running... but then we understood that a frens package was badly placed and was obstructing the movement of our co-passengers.. we quickly moved it to see them silent.. the women were in burqas..

sound of bells which seemed more pleasant than that made by my school bell, was the sound of dozens of bangles.. a tone which struck optimum frequencies very much like the train's whistle.. and eyes were more brilliant than a brilliantly made false diamond, a pair of best carved ones i've ever seen.. and an extravagantly made hand bag as if it was made to beat all of the above, but how can extravagance beat elegance??... these are all that i could notice about that girl, in burqa, who delicately pushed through the crowd to find herself little place to settle down... i guess shes the daughter of one of those two women, who cursed only the weather, after us, for causing a lot of discomfort...

though was pretending to be busy with my frens and those games within us.. i managed to keep observing everyone around, specially the special one.. i could see only her eyes, for she should see the rest of the world, and they were thankfully expressive that i could make out what she felt, at least i felt so.. they dint glitter all the while,but they did sometimes like when she was with those children around, and seemed like she wasn't comfortable with the curtains over her.. suddenly onto her feet.. the women were angrily saying "nahin", if i could get them right.. the girl just said "purvah nahin"... off went the burqa..the women kept watching, their lower jaws lowered..

well ordered teeth as if they were taking some military training.. lips short in length but too high on wavelength of the color they reflected.. a chin which would tempt one to plead her a lot.. nose, knows no bend... brow, quarter of an a4-size white sheet.. and hair as silky and dark as her burqa was.. this beautiful, i expected her to be as the act of breaking bonds, of the burqa, was in progress.. she wasn't so, instead the deed made her look even more beautiful, the beauty of being bold..
she dint give me much trouble as the observing feet, stealing looks?!, was only till we reached Dharwar, where they left..

but then thoughts kept running, along with the train.. isnt the world dispossessed of many beautiful things, just because we are very possessive.. and as a result the thing is deprived of the whole world.. protection, seclusion, prevention all seemed senseless when compared to freedom, to me.. there are thousand and one better relations that can be made...

she just said... "purvah nahin"