Saturday, July 28, 2007

Powerful Madia

Saturday.. holiday.. bored.. what to do?? how about fm radio?? o yea..

<))) hi hello people.. this is PEEya ur GJ (genuine Jockey) for tonights show freedumb clinic's 'Saala'brity only on Radio Pity 99.9 fm .. watte watte watte what a pun.. Radio Pity watte pun.. just switch-off maadi!!. Todays saala(1 tiktik 2 tiktik)brity is Mr.9 who came down to B'lore for an internship kinda thing. We'll hv a chat right after this break. brb. Keep listenin to Radio Pity 99.9 fm .. watte watte watte what a pun.. Radio Pity watte pun.. just switch-off maadi!!

girl: hey.. 12:30.. gottu go.. boy: hey.. the police arent around.. the pub isnt closing yet.. n we jus into the third round.. whats the hurry?? girl: a personal girly thing.. is ter a need to mention?? boy: yep.. girl: i need to bla bla bla.. aakaashvaani: such problems ?? don worry.. we have a permanent solution.. call .######.. freedumb clinic!! .. ...... ... ...
bla.. bla... blaa......

we r bak on saalabrity.. Mr.9 , as u knw.. we hv a rapidfire round.. the q's may depend on ur answers,barring the first one ofcorse.. here we go..
GJ: u ready? 9: no.. GJ:?? 9: all andhrites r not reddys.. GJ: nut.. forget.. engg is all about?? 9: report writing.. btw.. im only 1/2 an engr now.. GJ: if not an engineer??

9: doctor.. GJ: if not a doctor?? 9: lifes waste.. btw. IM FROM AP,INDIA GJ: wat do u see after.. ? 9: a good job in my field obly.. apart from tht.. wanna coach a schools krikeet team.. a photographer.. wanna make 'a' film's'.. .. wanna direct plays.. wanna be working, honrly, for doordarshan and AIR.. and other lil things lik krikeet commentary and.. wanna be a wedding planner for two weddings, one Hindu n one Christian,marriages i mean.. not bride n bridegroom, one shud be of somone who is quite close to me.. and the other of a stranger and wud also like to be a fashion designer for one of those and .. and.. and.. and..
GJ: dude.. u r frm AP,INDIA.. 9: oops.. sry.. watelse then.. a 'saaf'tware professional.. 9 hours of work each day including lunch hour.. a bank-a/c-filling package.. weekends off to dirty discos and pathetic parties.. 'cool-ie' GJ: India/Outdia?? 9: outdia.. GJ: India's strenth..? 9: more than 60% of popu below 28.. figures may be incorrect but r somewer near to exact... GJ: weakness??
9: ditto GJ: most wasted resource?? 9: youth.. either on jobs or joblessness.. GJ: define joblessness..
9: (10 secs lapse..) to ask for, to think for and to listen to the definition of joblessness defines joblessness.. GJ: k.. here comes a song for u people out there..

ahh crapp.. the same asskicking remix.. or preethi/prema/kaadal/pyaar/love/bakwaas.. how abt 90.0.. <))) GJ: ms. mandhamathi.. from 'Paagal'halli.. u may win ur tickets for mungaaru male.. if i get a witty answer for this.. most heard thing on fm radio?? ms.m: noise.. <)))X 96.9.. <))))Q: radio-activity is??
A: dangerous- if u r in Japan.. weapon- if u r in US..fundsless- if its AIR.. senseless- if its an fm-r .. <)))X 99.9.. <))) freedumb!!! aazaadi.. beeeeep ki.. <)))X

thu radio.. lemme pick up the newspaper...

'Bad Times',daily
page 3

"the project is in the 'PIPE'lines"
June 31st(?!?!),B'lore...
Mr.9 is in town. But he always ran away from the media. One of a reliable source from among his freinds.. informed BT( note: donot take it as B'lore Times.. ) that he would grace the friday night party thrown by GE.. BT rightly caught up with him for a chat.. in the.. hmew.. hmew.. toilet. He cant runaway for sometime aleast. When asked about the status of his project.. he says.. 'Unzipped' a very important file right now.. wud try and get as much 'data' as i can from it(?!?! ).When asked about the KEY words.. he said.. .. 'open' 'source' 'conent'(?!?! ). Meanwhile BT noticed that his innerwear had no tags... may be due to lack of sponz.... we made it public! ab yeh andar ka maamla nahin hain..

yes.. media is powerful.. son!! fetch me that medical kit please.. btw dint they show something else in lageraho munnabhai.. and dint the newspapers play a key role in the Indian freedom struggle.. why wud i want to know about Bips' hips and lips.. cant deny the fact that they are doing a respectful job in a wonderful way.. but they r littering their own field.. anyways.. no one compels me to them, thankfully.. n hey.. guess tht engg. guy had to say something..

<)) chisshh .. chisssh.. aakashavaani visakhapatnam kendram .. meeru vintunnadi Madhuragaanam..
thadupari paata.. Akkineni Nageswara Rao gaaru natinchina.. Bapu- Ramanala "Andaala Raamudu" chitram nundi.. gaanam: Ramakrishna..

"edhagadaaniki endukura thondara.. edhuta bathukantha chindara vandhara.."