Monday, October 5, 2009

Wonder what I'm gonna be...

Hoi-polloi are busy,
occupied, so to be,
I'm alone, n at sea,
Wonder what I'm gonna be.


Like a sunflower, on a gloomy day,
my comrade in confusion,
that wonders what to look at,
I wonder what not to.
The noetic senescence
got only to nonsense.

The tiny star, twinkling all night,
my comrade in confusion,
it wonders whether to glow,
n I, where to go.
Wit and sapience,
hit no difference.

'm not a flower,
'm not a star,
as none can decipher,
a reference to a cipher.
n there's none of the humankind,
as my comrade in confusion.
I'm alone, and at sea.
Wonder what I'm gonna be.

The whole senescence
made no sense,
n all the sapience,
no real difference.
I've grown old,
I turned cold.
Is it a shame?
All the same.
I'm still a nobody,
Wonder what else I could be.

Hoi-polloi are busy,
occupied, so to be.
They wanna progress,
n they have a process.
[sigh] I can't follow,
I can't follow.
Can only remain cold,
and let my story unfold.
A tragedy, a lullaby,
Wonder what it's gonna be.


I'm alone, n at sea,
Wonder what I'm gonna be.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bapu Bommalu

Bapu Bommalu [of another kind]
Location: Ramakrishna Beach, Visakhapatnam
Soundtrack: Vaishnavo Janato from Water, by A.R.Rahman
(Hugely) Helped by: Jyothi Tetali [Rather, I helped her, I should say. ]
Thankful to Chandra Bose Baabu and Gandhi [the two kids]

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cogito, ergo sum

I am Thin King. I decree the decryption, deduction, decorum and deliberation of the chemical chaos, sounds stupid, but, ironically, called intellect, in this completely complex component, human brain. It's not just a component, though. As they say, the world is a perception, just how an individual perceives it, and hence is all in his/her/its brain. That way, I am the King of this (human's) world. The Thin King reigns the big fat world!

Everyone's is wired weird, the brain. There are an enormous number of those, on the face of the earth, each one wired weirder than the other, apart from myriad other things, making the world an incredibly complicated and amply eventful (sample) space. And all the world's in the brain, and the world has all those brains again. Legion things in one region. Alas, I'm the king of it.

There's an awful lot for me to take care of, that I often fail to. Inspirations, influences, interests, emotions, ethics, calculations, facts, intuitions, illusions, logic, learning, laws, ideologies, opinions, ideas, rules, memories, reasons, beliefs, obligations, obsessions, sense, nonsense, order, not in any order, are a few nameable things that, quite literally, sit on a human's head. Hence, like hell and heaven, the Thin King has got a lot of work to do. And like in this case, I will have to be selfish sometimes, and think about myself as well- thinking about Thin King.

All worlds have sections and so does the brain. Highly dominated by the right wing, always has been, my kingdom, which means I am bound to give a lot more time to the emotional front, rather than the logical and reasoning. The reason for this, I do not know, or, rather, I haven't sought, as yet, may be for the very reason that it is right wing dominated, and I don't give much time for reasoning out things.

By the way, my kingdom here is a female's brain; that is, her past, present, future- to an extent- and her world. Pressure, beyond measure, to say the least, was what I've been experiencing all the while. I always failed, miserably, to manage my kingdom. She was never peaceful under me. She had to face suspicions, her interests got distorted and battered, she was only an entity, without any identity, like heck fell upon the hecklers on whatever she did, the naysayers always had their say, the renegade brigade constantly on the offense, and to top it, the society was shamelessly, matter-of-fact-ly sexist, that even I'm calling myself Thin 'King' while ruling a female's world. The big fat world has ruled the Thin King.

To add to the defeat, only humiliation I see all around, not any humanity. I cant take it any more. I've decided to put an end to the agony. "Ee life naaku nachchaledu!", I made her write, leave the note on the bed, walk to the top of the building, and jump down. Within no time, she hit the ground, with the right wing hitting head on. The left wing, still with a modicum of life left, raised it's voice. "It's senseless, remorseless and (left)brainless to kill the kingdom for the king's shortcomings. This Thin King could have given way to another", it said. But, wasn't it too late?

["Ee life naaku nachchaledu" wrote a young girl and did as mentioned. Was wondering what she was 'thinking'. ]

Monday, June 8, 2009

La' footpath

La La La.. La La La..

HOoowls of loud horns,

Bowls of cloud corns,

Traffic seize, a terrific breeze,

Rising dust n falling dusk,

A month too soon

are the monsoons.

Headin’ home is the city,

We’d stay here, show no pity,

Ramblin’ on the footpath,

Gamblin’ on all we hath.

Some more rum n come and hum!

La La La.. La’ footpath!

Rolling stones, strolling clones,

Some lazy folk n lousy smoke,

Oozing gutter, booze n stutter,

Eager sellers, meager dwellers,

N evening jogs of starving dogs.

Dear O dear, all that’s here,

Is either bad, or so sad,

Yet we sing, a cheerful song,

N we have, the skies to bong,

Bring it on; come sing along!

La La La.. La’ footpath!

Enter the buzz, bus and bustle,

The grumbling crew, in the tumbling dew,

Seeking havens, cursing heavens,

They all got wet, and all upset.

But a pretty lass, liked the jazz,

Pushed the fuss, came to us,

Took a peg n shook her leg,

Like her swirling gown could shade a town.

“Fool O fool; life’s beauteeefooool!”

The dancing doll, says to all.

That multitude can hardly infer,

N we can only hope, that it were.

Yet, boy O boy, buoy the joy!

La La La.. La’ footpath!

La La La.. La La La…

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

లోకులు కాకులు!


ఏ కాకిని?
ఏకాంత లోకపు ఏకైక కాకిని.

ఎక్కడా లోకం?
మదిలొ ఓ గదిలొ.

ఎందుకా గది?
కాకులకు, లోకులు కాకులు. శోక మూకలు.
వాటి కేకలకు లేవు బ్రేకులు.
నావి కాక ఏ కాకి కేకలకు నా మదిలోని ఈ గదిలోకి లెవు రాక పోకలు.

ఏమైంది ఆ కేకలకు?
కావు కావు మని గావు కేకలు.
ఆ కేకలు నాకోసం కావ్!
ఆ కాకులు నాకు ఎమీ కావ్! కావ్! కావ్!

నేను కాకిని కానూ? నావి కేకలు కావూ?
అవును కదా. ఇప్పుడె కావు కావు మన్నా కూడా!
అయ్యూ! confusion గా ఉంది.
ఎదైన కాకి దొరికితె బాగుండు,
కాస్త నా బాద పంచుకోవచ్చు.
అయ్యయ్యొ! నా మదిలొ ఈ గదిలొ నేను కాక ఏ కాకీ లెదే!
నెను ఏ కాకికీ ఎమీ కాకుండా పోయింది నేను కట్టుకున్న గొడల వళ్ళెన?


ఏ కాకిని?
ఏ కాకి కాకిని?
ఏకాకి కాకిని.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Off ease!

I am a stranger,
to this place- the strangest,
amidst a mist,
of an irrational rationale,
and unaddressed aims,
of these well-dressed souls,
who are homeless,
though not house-less.
They are all going somewhere,
but never coming.

They run a race,
for no place,
as its against the time,
and the time one takes,
is what the time takes.
There they go,
runnin' way into the future,
shunnin' away from the present.
They are all going somewhere,
but never coming.

They run miles,
tossing false smiles,
and stupid tepid wishes,
The reasonless yet relentless
retention of pretention.
There they go,
runnin' to be someone,
shunnin' away from themselves.
They are all going somewhere,
but never coming.

They run down,
draining their lives,
honing their knives,
and when they hang-up the boots,
they won't have the fruits.
There they go,
runnin' hard to earn a life,
shunnin' away from the one they have.
They are all going somewhere,
but never coming.

This is so bad.
I am going mad.
Not a moment I can stay,
let me run far away.
I run to a station,
"Which one?" I ask one,
"Work-station!" he says,
seemed a familiar face,
"what about the place?",
"its your work place,
wake up sir", he said,
and offered the tea.
The time is just three,
'm not yet free to flee.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

మేఘ సం"దేశం"

హరివిల్లు ఇల్లుగ.. పన్నీటి జల్లుల.. స్వర్గమేన
జడివాన నీడలా.. కన్నీటి కళ్ళకి.. స్వప్నమేన
అ ప||
వెలుగు-నీడల వెర్రి యుద్దము..
..............................పెను తుఫనుగా మారేన
వెండి పూతల నీలి మేఘము..
..............................కాంతి క్రాంతినే ఆపేన
హరివిల్లు ఇల్లుగ.. పన్నీటి జల్లుల.. స్వర్గమేన
జడివాన నీడలా.. కన్నీటి కళ్ళకి.. స్వప్నమేన

మల్లె అంచును విడిచి వెళ్ళిన..
...........................మంచు జాడలు తెలిసేన
నింగినంటిన వడగల్ల గర్వము..
..........................పూల కాడలే తుంచేన
నీటి గూటిని కొల్లగొట్టి..
........................(కుర్ర)కారు మబ్బులు ఎదిగేన
చల్లగుండు మరు చొటికేగి ..
........................కుండపొత కురిపించేన

హరివిల్లు ఇల్లుగ.. పన్నీటి జల్లుల.. స్వర్గమేన
జడివాన నీడలా.. కన్నీటి కళ్ళకి.. స్వప్నమేన

అనుమాన నీడలు.. వెన్నంటి ఉండగా.. సాద్యపడునా?
జబిల్లి మెల్లగ.. మబ్బుల్ని వీడగా.. సత్యమగునా!
అ ప||
వెండి పూతల నీలి మేఘము..
...........................కాంతి ఉందని ఆశేన
వెలుగు-నీడల ఐకమత్యము..
...........................హర్ష వర్షమై కురిసేన

[Inspired by a tune made by Ringo.

The tune started of with a rain-theme, and suddenly Ringo came up with a music bit, which, we all thought, was patriotically oriented. Hence, this came up. This was lying incomplete for a longtime and hence the song never got completed.
The standard patterns, usually followed to write songs, weren't followed. I couldn't. There is only one charanam, and I'm not sure if the part called anu-pallavi by me can actually be called that. Please point out mistakes if you happen to find some. ]