Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Could he be thinking so?

Just when Triple H was about to smash Undertaker’s head, with the hammer, someone from behind closed my eyes with his/her palms. It was something I was dying to see and thanks to this clichéd act of announcing one’s presence as a surprise to another, I missed it. It made me angry. Furiously angry, I should say, like I almost considered being Triple H and that person to be Undertaker. But, the moment I realized who it was, I had to beam like I really was pleasantly surprised and follow the usual ritual of throwing some sweet-sounding greetings at them and giving those repeated hi5s and prolonged hugs, before I got back to watching television. I am asked to do so. My care-taker tells me they are the ones who helped us a bit, might help us ahead, and, most importantly, ‘can’ help us. So, we are asked to market ourselves by advertising our sweetness, obedience, innocence and the likes, that way. Some of these people come to us whenever they are free, to play with us and feel good, and sometimes I felt like telling them I was not. But, I couldn’t take that risk. Apparently, I’m too less privileged to do so.

And then the “occasion” types - these neighbors who come down whenever there is some birthday or some such thing of their kids and some once-in-a-year-philanthropists who turn up only around the Xmas time every year. We are supposed to sing the birthday song for those kids, loud and in a laudatory tone, or probably sing and dance to the Xmas-in-the-air songs, praising Lord Jesus and cursing the Satan, for the other set of people. They give us candies and other such stuff, that’s their investment, God’s blessings, the returns, and we, the medium, the market - to use a more discomforting word. I would have been pleased had the kid been my friend, who joins me at play, etc, and gives me that candy for he/she wants to give it to me, or had those Xmas visitors visited a bit more often and not just to repair their goodness-accounts maintained by Santa. I mean, I don’t quite know who that kid is and he/she doesn’t know who I am, though we are each other's neighbors! They don’t distribute candies in some random school, to some well-privileged kids, do they? That gives me a feeling I am being used, merely as that medium.

Also, by these people who run this place, I feel. A well funded religion theirs is, enabled to win people to practice it, I suspect, and we are easy pickings, I feel. I’m a believer, practicing their religion, as they kindly chose to take care of me - that’s the obligation, the deal. They preach religious stuff, day in and day out, through a thousand sermons and prayers. All that never interests me, as much as WWE and Tamil movies do. But, I don’t have a choice, like in most other cases. What’s worse is, I can’t watch the “super-hit” Tamil movies’ Sunday premieres on television, as we are made to sing at the Church during that time, probably only because it looks nice and cute to everyone there. That makes me angry, but I’m scared to be angry for I fear I’m sinning that way and will end up on Satan’s side – “the losing side” – though I’m quite doubtful about all such things they teach me. So, I atleast act I’m not.

Overall, I’m a good actor, am I not? Tamil movie superstar, I wish to be. Wonder if someone can help at that. Anyways, Triple H won. I'm happy for now.


punchagan said...

"Rebellion is almost as stupid as obedience. In either case you let yourself be defined by what they tell you to do. The best plan, I think, is to step onto an orthogonal vector. Don't just do what they tell you, and don't just refuse to." -- Paul Graham, in an essay to high-school kids.

I'm not sure, but I guess you (we) can learn some thing from this. Cheat the system into giving you what you want! See you soon, in a big Tamil hit! Good luck!

vududuck said...

Could he be saying ..

Irritated at being disturbed,
You see me often!
I love you and hate you
You definitely bore me
O so nearly always
But then there are times other
There are the sparks
at seemingly mundane things
a silly little prank
that continues forever
The laugh of knowing
after the bat breaks
That time clicking
all the curious cogs
But why don't you think
about the ball in the rain
About how I asked for a bat
hiding from aunty for the
holidays hurtling by
Asking to go to park,
maybe you're just a medium
but you're a medium, are you not?
You always are ..
Act everyone does ..
I am not alone ..
But not everything is an act
Don't tell me you have not seen

I know you have seen but just wrote it down

Loved it macha .. as always, thought provoking. I remember talking to Chaitu, maybe religion is a good thing for them ..
Maybe they have some compulsions .. they might be needing that little help that the kids can earn in that manner.

On other news, had been to the kid's place in the afternoon.
Ramya - "Ravi anna enduku ravatledu"
Me - "Ravi annani aduguta"
Ramya - "Ravi annaki ishtam unte vostadu, nuvvu emi adagaku"
Ayush - "Kya bol rahi hai?"
Me - "Aite Ravi annaki chebuta, Ramya antundi neeku ikkadiki raavadam ishtam ledanta ani"
Ramya - "Nenu nee tho matladanu Ravi annaki chepte"
Ayush - "Kya bol rahi hai?"
Me - "Madyalo nakenduku punishment?"

Anonymous said...

acting for benefits comes by birth. Only that, we slowly and consciously try to unlearn it...
one of the reasons is that it is a part of societal propriety to behave well with strangers...
If not strangers, I clearly remember me behaving well with my mavayya even if his presence was a disturbance to me watching cartoon network since he had to play cricket with me later in the evening...
regarding second scenario, let's try not to be one among them...
about the third scenario :P I have no idea...