Monday, May 26, 2008

Thereafter, I never lost again


copyright (c) Kuan-Yin, 2031

To my parents and the world of friends who helped me.


Me, the starter of that nonstarter debate. Dad, my resister and mom the conductor. I was a punter who always lost. Meanwhile, a plane i thought. One could guess its still at a distance as the shadow did not pass by the window yet, though the sound was strange and the quiver was queer . 'Boom!' dad said. Sonic boom, i thought. 'IT boom' he continued 'Never the planes flew past, in the past, at this hour, at this place'. 'Wait! The debates on?' asked mom. 'Yea boy' dad said quickly 'Tell me whats the name of chapter.. errr.. one.. Of..aa.. the most recently read novel'. 'Thats too easy to test ones memory man!' said mom. I thought it is not, until I thought of it again, a bit harder. Well, how can one forget the very memorable first line, 'WTF!' I said. As I said that and the sound got louder and stranger, Dad the 'pun'ter said 'Aww! What a take off!' and all broke into laughter!

Seconds later, i remember its their wedding anniversary. Hours later, I could only wish I could wish them a happy anniversary. I lost and not just the debate.
Fate was the fiend, great were my friends. Thereafter, I never lost again.

Chapter one: WTF!
Walking through fire .. .. ..

WTF: Write the future



Rini said...

Happy anniversary to your parents :)

I dont think it was a weird post. Very honest.. it almost sounded something like one would read in a Virgnia Woolf novel.. very stream of consciousness :)

Good work yet again :)

punchagan said...

Carpus Diem!
Life's short.. Lets try and make the most of it!
Ain't human life one of the greatest things on earth. what then am I doing with my life??

9 said...

yea thnks both! i hope a miracle happens :) someone mite land up on this.. n may be.. wud help em :)
i fear its weird.. so abt the post.. i wanted to ask help.. and wen i thot how terrifyin it cud be.. n how can help make a diff.. i made this up

9 said...

n yea.. as always.. bang on punch.. aims also to project wht u said.. :)

सु said...

if not this in exact....just a seed of thought in this direction...wud also help in helping many...
but its ur way again...way out to reach the final aim...
good one!!

Anonymous said...

innovative style! lik it man..

its summer hols na can we expect more posts on this blog?

punchagan said...

i'm guessing that's chaitu.. I might be wrong though..

Topaza said...

Interesting to know.

kkrovvidi said...


finally, more than four years after I first read it, and several later revisits, today I understand this post. How did I know? I knew. just.